Welcome to my Blogfolio!
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Oct. 23, 2019 | Joseph Buela

Welcome to my Blogfolio!

Hi! If you’re reading this blog right now, I just want to say thank you for visiting my personal website, a project that I’m proud of. It’s a product of years of hope, frustrations, and struggles. And I am not exaggerating when I say this. Ever since high school I’ve been trying to learn HTML and CSS and I somehow understood how it works but I really can’t understand how to create complex layouts from it that’s why I gave up. Fast forward 2018 I tried to study it again because I want to code a project that has been assigned to me, and again, it didn’t work. I ended up downloading a CSS template and modified some of the contents which I am not happy about.

My “AHA!” moment came when I got to attend a mini JavaScript training where a bit of CSS was tackled, then a topic that I’ve been avoiding for life was discussed here – Flexbox. I never knew that this was the answer the I’ve been searching for, the holy grail of complex CSS layouts. This I owe to people who’ve been instrumental in making the training and learning possible.

To our facilitator:

Jesmer - Thank you so much for the training sessions you conducted that I’m not even supposed to be part of (they said it was for the interns), and for being patient with my stupid questions and cringeworthy code. I’ve repented and change my ways by naming my IDs and classes properly.

To the Mastermind?

Sir Ross – As far as I know, you were the one who organized the training but thank you as well for allowing me to join the sessions. It was life changing.

To my supportive sup:

Casey – Thanks for allowing me to handle a project that I haven’t done before - a project that I can say I have 23% knowledge of. Your assurance that you’ll rescue me when my coding literacy fails made me unafraid to jump into my first coding project.

To my KPT programmers hirap humanap ng kakainan club:

Francis – Thanks for encouraging me not to be allergic to jQuery solutions, and for introducing it to me as well. I never knew that jQuery was all I ever needed in my life during those seasons. The codes that you’ve wrote was also of great help (not an overstatement).

Ged, Adolf, JP, Maries - Thank you guys for always accommodating me whenever I poke any one from you, disturbing you while you’re immersed in what you’re doing. It’s like I have a GrabPrgrmr App where I’ll just be surprised when there’s already a programmer in my station waiting just after I pinged anyone from you asking if you’re not busy because I need saving.

To my “true-pa”:

Matt – You always saying “madali lang yan!” has been a push, and you’re right, madali nga lang pala talaga sya OA lang ako lol! I really appreciated that you were willing to spend time helping me learn the mysteries of domain and hosting, even offering your home for this, thank you!

I can proudly say that I coded this website from scratch and I’m writing this blog post in VSCode (joke lang, I wrote it first in Word and copy pasted sa VSCode but I use < br> in Word para hindi na ko mag eedit sa VSCode galling ko diba haha!).

Praise God indeed for the gift of understanding and for orchestrating the events that lead me to pursue coding again. I have ditched that idea of being able to create my own website with my own layout long ago, maybe the Lord allowed me to wait for years to accomplish this so that I can be busy on his will during those times when I was excited to learn the mysteries of the World Wide Web.

I know that I still have a lot to learn (and need to learn), and my skills right now are nothing but a tiny speck in the programming universe.

To Those Who Came for My Portfolio

I hope you enjoy my works also. Those where the products of years of uncertainty, boredom, pressure, and sleepless nights.

If you have any projects that you want to work on, I would be happy to help for every project is one step towards artistic nirvana. Please contact me through my email or phone below.

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