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Defying Limits

Campaign Branding and Identity for Gymnastics Association of the Philippines


  • Logo Design
  • Branding & Identity
  • Web & Print

With the project's status, what I'm going to share are the things we're currently working on. Some works might not reflect on the organization's platforms yet.

This project is a volunteer work for Gymnastics Association of the Philippines, an exciting one for me since I also go there to train for their adult gymnastics class. This immersion helped me know the limitations, i.e budget, resources etc., of what I can deliver to them which is the first step in my creative process.

The initial discussion revolved around rebranding the entire organization and changing their logo but since it will take a lot of work and cost us money by re-registering with DTI and the International Gymnastics Association, we've just decided to rebrand the look and create a campaign identity that will bring a fresh and modern touch to the organization's visuals.

Defying Limits GIF

The tagline "Defying Limits" best represents the organization's mission - to bring the Philippines on the gymnastics map and develop world class gymnastics coaches.

Defying Limits
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